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in the balance this morning. today, city college of san francisco turns accreditation report, the school needs a passing grade to stay open. katie marzullo joins us live from the newsroom with a college divided. >> everyone wants city college to stay open. 90,000 students are counting on it and faculty and staff want to keep their jobs. the groups cannot agree on how to keep the doors open. that is the administration versus the students and the staff on the the deadline they protested and chanted and shouted. the commission for community and junior colleges put city college on notice back in judgment saying they had too many problems with leadership and fiscal plans. the college has been making changes ever since and a spokesman says they have stream laned the administration and added more financial accountability. >> the accreditation reform process is unwinding many, many years of behavior that just absolutely needed to be changed or could not be afforded. >> the situation and all about equity. >> students and staff say this were alternates to the cutbacks including $16 million city college
is tracking a new storm that will arrive tonight. that is raising concerns in the san francisco neighborhood where several sinkholes have formed. now we learn what is happening. >> right now, it is very quiet but no one will be watching the sky more closely today than neighbors out here in this west portal neighborhood of san francisco. the big fear is that forecasted rain and how it might impact the already growing sinkhole problem out here. the problem right now, we can tell you, there are up to five sinkholes and it started last wednesday when a city water main broke causing gushing water to trigger the holes. now, homes in the area in some cases are slowly caving into the ground, 12 have been damaged and up to four are now red tagged and they are simply not livable. private insurance companies of the homeowners say that they don't plan to help. the city is having to step up and help homeowners with the repairs. >> structural fixes for the things that might be settlement cracks or things like that, those we will pay. >> it could be a big repair bill in some cases. the neighborhood was ori
outside the san francisco office of senator feinstein this morning in support of her efforts to pass legislation against gun violence. more than 100 ever helps have are planned across the country. the obama administration says it is not giving up on assault weapons ban although senate majority leader harry reid says there are not enough votes to support it in the senate. >> the concord city council is banning residents from growing medical marijuana in their yard. the city council voted unanimously to pass the ordinance on tuesday after discussing and debating the demand for several months amending the city code to prohibit all outdoor marijuana growing even for medical purposes. the ordinance was models after one and jones -- and joins others that limit outdoor cultivation. >> drug sniffing dogs will visit three schools in may. officials approved a program to test whether using dogs to detect drugs and other contraband can make campuses safer. the santa cruz sentinel says the dogs will be deployed at a high school, new school, and academic vocational charter institute because the pr
the tower at san francisco to the east bay hills. we have unlimited visibility. we will talk about our temperatures today. they are going to be about the same as yesterday but inland they will be warmer, mid-to-upper 60's and low-to-mid 60's away the bay and mid-50's at the coast. it will be breezy in the higher elevation and near bodies of water. same today but two to six degrees warmer and we will have high clouds and sunshine and calmer conditions for saturday and sunday. >> if your travels take you to san mateo on the bridge you can see the take lights are headed in the flat section westbound toward the high-rise sluggish there. looking at 20-minute delay. back to the santa cruz mountains we have an injury accident fortunately, a tow truck is on the way there and you can see you have slow traffic coming off of the summit and northbound before red wood estates, the left lane is block and the tow truck is en route, and it is slow from antioch, 11 miles per hour moving toward railroad avenue and fortunately through pittsburg it picks up. the drive times 580 from the tracy area, 17 nor
unconscious from a house fire last night in san francisco is in the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the fire broke out in the diamond heights neighborhood shortly after 9 last night. a charred mattress was left in the street. flames were put out quickly and the fire investigators are trying to determine the cause of the fire. >> a san francisco club is closed this weekend of a yesterday morning's shooting that left three people wounded. it happened at 330 rich nightclub in south beach. one man remains in critical condition. witnesses say dozens of shots were fired by one or more gunmen after an altercation. police collected more than 50 pieces of evidence from the crime scene that stretched from inside the club, up the alley, to a parking lot on brannon street. the city entertainment commission ordered the club closed for the remainder of the weekend. >>> san leandro police are investigating the city's first homicide of the year. authorities say a man was killed friday night when he tried to defend his mother-in-law. the woman was unloading her car on harbor way around 9:30 when so
of jerusalem and attend another mass in bethlehem where jesus is believed born. in san francisco, easter will be celebrated at the highest peak for the 91st anniversary. the mayor and the fire chief will take part in the celebration. special buses will depart from the forest hills station every 15 minutes starting at 5:15 on sunday morning for the ride to the sunrise service that begins at 7:00. >> tensions with north korea are rising. the military action taking place, today, in the communist country as it makes new threats against the west. >> first, a major announcement expected from the obama administration and it is likely to impact the price you pay at the butch. a live look at the fog engulfing the golden gate bridge. there is a lost this fog, or maybe you will not see much along the >> good friday morning. with the fog, it is pea soup from the north bay to parts of vallejo. the delta is clear. look at the north bay from petaluma, santa rosa, our beaches and along san francisco the san mateo coast we are looking at very foggy conditions, the san carlos airports at quarter-mile visi
at the limit to dublin/pleasanton and on 24. >> thank you. 6:03 with develop news for you from san francisco where police are investigating the discovery of a body at one of the city's busiest bart stations. you saw this story first on abc7 news at 11. there was bedding on top of an elevator car, the man was sleeping on top of the elevator and was crushed to death when someone used the elevator. coming up in 30 minutes, abc7 news will have a live report on what is happening at the station this morning. >> people close to an oakland woman missing since thursday are frustrated with efforts to find her. family and freeways of the woman held a prayer vigil yesterday in the neighborhood where she lived. the 31-year-old was last seen on a surveillance video on thursday morning at the corner of telegraph and 34th avenue. the missing woman's mom says that the response from oakland police has been slow in the critical days after she disappeared. >> it is important when people disappear like this, the police need to get on it right away and not think they left on their own accord especially with the c
a silver four door car. >> this is a proposed condo development on the san francisco water street and the chronicle reports that it is part of a campaign against the 8 washington condo development that is built next to the embarcardero center. the campaign includes mail orders and robocalls and now going out to city voters. ing a -- art agnos opposes this because he lives an on waterfront. >> new details in the symphony strike, with the east cory tour which would have included a date at carnegie hall is canceled. >> according to symphony management, musicians rejected a federal mediator's proposal to resume playing during the cooling off period while the negotiations continue. in a statement issued last night, the musicians say the strike will continue until they get a contract that honors their contribution to the symphony. the musicians are unhappy with the proposal by management that would include a pay freeze in the first year. >> two bay area teens made it into the basketball tournament known as march madness. it begins this week and h.p. pavilion in san jose is a host arena,
. the delegation from the united states will be led by the vice president and this afternoon in san francisco there is a mass of thanksgiving at st. mary's cathedral at 12:10. >> we will have continuing coverage of pope francis. at 6:45 we go live to rome for an update and at 7:00, "good morning america" will have complete coverage of the selection from vatican city and his home country of argentina. >> to the san mateo county coast where surfers, fishermen and beach growers will end a beach blockade. our reporter joins us live with details. cornell? >> in california, surfers are turning to protesters but that is happening and the fight is on. the waves here are a perfect surf spot. it is very foggy on the coast this morning. accessing that beach has been very tough since martin's beach was sold to a private owner who does not want surfers around. a fight is on to re-open access to more tin's beach. a lawsuit was filed against the venture capitalist who bought the property in 2008 and put up a gate and hired security guards. later this or, scores of surfers plan to bust through the gate in pr
condition. in berkeley, lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> this afternoon's performance of the san francisco symphony is cancelled because of the ongoing strike by symphony musicians. last night's concert and two a performances also were cancelled. abc7 news reporter sergio tells us, this week's prestigious tour of the east coast is also in jeopardy. ♪ >> ticket holders were met by a trio of woodwinds outside of the box office and some picketing. >> we wanted to be here to explain to them the situation and just -- have a little music going for them to listen to and to enjoy so at least they get something to hear. >> as they played and picketed out here, negotiations continued inside over terms for a new contract. these musicians say the san francisco symphony has a stellar pedigree, including several grammy awards so they deserve a bump in pay. the los angeles philharmonic, the chicago symphony orchestra, they also want to recruit the best talent. we need to be able to offer a competitive salary. as you very well know, we have probably the highest cost of living. >> on average each earned
. >> coming up first, what led san francisco sheriff deputies to escort a 95-year-old woman out of city hall. >> here is a live look outside with the tail end of the storm, the golden gate bridge shows the deck is still wet. >> we will start with a look at the golden gate bridge where cornell said it was raining early but now it is quieter but the road is wet. live doppler 7 hd shows the heart of the bay area is quiet with a sprinkle here or there. in petaluma, we are on the d street extension, you can see there is wet weather but headed into town, right near the exit you can see the rain. headed to the higher elevation at foothill ranch road we have light showers. winds are up to 20 michigan. a stray shower is possible, low-to-mid 50's at the coat and mid-to-upper 50's for the rest of us. as we head into tomorrow, another round heavy rain is on the way but friday, saturday, and sunday, sunshine and warmer wet. >> speaking of the golden gate bridge, we have high wind advisory for all the major bridges at this hour. to santa rosa mike was telling you, they are getting rain blow through, and t
. >>> a defamation lawsuit against a san francisco sheriff's officer ross mirkarimi reemphasize my and his wife was dismissed. it was filed by a neighbor. they claim mirkarimi and his wife, falsely accused them of various crimes last year. madison triggered the investigation by giving police video she took of a crying lopez and a bruised arm that lopez said resulted from a fight with mirkarimi on new year's eve. >>> lisa argen is joining us now with a look at the forecast. a very important forecast because there are outdoor and st. patrick's day festivities today. >> yeah. we have plenty of fog out there now, reducing some visibility around the bay. here's a look at emeryville where the temperatures are pretty mild, in the low 50s. going for a high today in the upper 60s. i'll let you know when you can speck the sun and when the rain returns. that's in our seven-day outlook next. >> lisa, thank you. also next, pope frances meets with the media for the first time. we will tell you when he plans to meet with the pope emeritus. also killed by a lion, an exclusive interview with the head keeper at
nancy pelosi of san francisco is making a new call for their repeal. in a new op-ed in "usa today", the congresswoman here writes, quote, doma and prop 8 are unconstitutional. neither measure meets the standards of our founding principles. both deserve to take their rightful place in history. >>> it is 6:17 now. we're hearing of a policy from former cia director david patraeus regarding the extra marital affair that led to his resignation. >> how deeply i regret and apologize for the circumstances that led to my resignation from the cia and caused such pain for my family, friends, and supporters. >> petraeus spoke before the reserve officer training corps in los angeles last night. he told the crowd that he knows he's seen in a different light now but will try to move forward with stronger values and make it up to loved ones. petraeus resigned in november after an affair with his biographer became public knowledge. >>> well the nation is about to get its first female secret service director. the president selected julia pearson for the post. she is a 30 y-year veteran and currentl
more at 6:30. >> san francisco's archbishop is making strong comments against gays and lesbians marrying. this is days before the supreme court considers california's ban on same-sex marriage. the archbishop says the debate will continue no matter how the court rules. he says that he relies many people in san francisco disagree with the teach >>guest: on marriage and sex but there is also a deeply embedded catholic culture here with many who understand and cherish the church teachings. >> and new information on christopher dorner, a battle for the $1.2 million reward offered for his capture. dorner took his own life in a southern california cabin after a shoot out with police. now, the associated press reports that a couple tied up by dropper and a man he car jabbed are both trying to blame the reward munch the people who want the money are being public because they know he cannot come after them. he killed four during the rampage in southern california including two police officers. >> ahead, the bay area cities leading the nation in rising home prices. >> new this morning, pre
paying folks. a pretty sky coming into san francisco. police are investigating an early morning home invasion in san francisco's portrero hill neighborhood and pistol whipped the victim and took the iphone and ipad and got away moments after the officers arrived. the suspects were tracked over to oakland but they got appear. >> two fallen santa cruz police officers are resting in peace after 10,000 people came together to honor them. officers, dignitary, friends and family filled san jose's h.p. pavilion yesterday to remember and celebrate the lives of detective sergeant loran "butch" baker and detective elizabeth butler. the two were shot and killed by sexual assault suspect making them the first santa cruz police officers to be killed in the line of duty. >> two heroes. two friends. taken from us far too soon at the hands of a madman. this is the touching tribute outside the h.p. pal beyond, uniformed officers raising their hand in salute at the hearses carrying the bodies. >> the 24-year-old driver under arrest for the death of a high school student is scheduled to be in court and
are paying cash this morning. >> now, from the top of the newscast from san francisco for the south bay to the east bay, bay area police are investigating a rash of officer-involved shootings, this past weekend, the latest was in hair, and that is where our reporter is joining us live. cornell? >> it was a violent weekend for police. we are live at foothill and d street here in hayward. this is where a police shooting came to a deadly end this week when a suspect tried to ram a hayward police car. it happened on sunday after police fired eight shots into a honda after police say the driver tried to ram the patrol car which had a civilian inside for a ride along. a passenger in the honda was killed and the driver crashed and ran away. police later caught up and arrested the suspect, 23-year-old. here is what a witness saw. >> i looked out and i saw the cops running to the car with the guy right around that little turn over there. i heard them say "face on the ground." that is gunfire from another shooting in san jose where a suspect tried to ram three police cars. it was one of several s
. a san francisco institution closes its doors after 27 years. tommy was a hot spot for celebrities. they dined there, it's also attracted politicians like dianne feinstein and former mayor willie brown. changing demographics and lease issues have forced tommy's joint to close. >> insiders siarg the phone will be made by htc icing google's android technology. user's home page will automatic pop up when the facebook phone turns on. >>> things like easter egg hunts those are for kids, right? a discovery in san francisco have kids of all ages looking for a hidden gem. its door leading to a world of wonder. ama daetz has the story. >> ama: this curious door in golden gate park has imaginations running wild. it sits at at base of a tree near the de young museum and academy of sciences. >> my mom found a picture on facebook and she thought it would be fun. >> ama: in fact a lot of people have been looking for it and giving their best guess as to who or what buy it. >> ama: how about an elf? that is what they think. we all know what elves look like right? >> they look like -- they look lik
in portland. he was also a graduate of high school in san francisco where he played sports and graduated with honors. a former teacher can came to the site of the shooting to pay his respects. he brought a basketball in his memory. in addition to being a star athlete jacob was a good person. >> he and his best friends were the ones that would stick up for the kids that were picked on. he was great little guy. >> at this point there is no description of the gunman or the person that drove the car but they describe it as a gray four-door sedan. lilian kim, "abc 7 news". >> carolyn: a 7-year-old boy visiting an antioch home with his family is recovering after being shot. it happened yesterday on william reid drive. reporter nick smith has the details. >> stable condition, non life-threatening injuries. >> i spoke with a lieutenant of the antioch police department by phone. his department is investigating the shooting of a 7-year-old boy. >> at this point it appears this is not random. >> the 7-year-old and his family were visitors to this home. >> several shots were fired and unfortunately
will be towed and taken into custody. reporting live in san francisco, kira klapper, abc7 news. >>> kira, thank you. and we have more breaking news. arson investigators are trying to determine the cause of a restaurant fire in san francisco's financial district early this morning. firefighters were called out just before 3:00 this morning to 7 pleasures california grill on commercial street. they were quickly able to extinguish the flames there. but one firefighter was hurt and taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >>> in castro valley, alameda county deputies shot a parolee after they say he pointed a rifle at them. the deputies shot the 49-year-old man in the driveway of his hands around 7:30 last night. he was reported to be in surgery at eden medical center at last check. the man's family officially called 911 to report he was acting erratically and arguing with a neighbor and then the parolee himself called 911 and threatened to kill arriving deputies. >>> developing news in san jose where police continue to look for a killer. the man stabbed a woman to death yesterday afternoon just
bridge numbers closer to oakland and san francisco, a little warmer. upper 40s. 45 san carlos, as well as half moon bay and santa cruz. so the cooling this morning from our valleys, around livermore and also the delta and up in the north bay. but look at the peninsula from mountain view too san carle lease and san jose, anywhere from two to four degrees of cooling. so high pressure. it continues to build into the golden state and as it does, everyone is going to see an increase in temperatures today from north to south. this will bring us above normal. ball with each and every day, we are going to gain maybe a degree or two. maybe three. the overnight lows will be chilly. we are talking still numbers in the 30s. all the way up to 51 degrees in the northern sierra. so starting out in the teens. low 670s in yosemite. we will get to near 60 in the sierra by the middle of the week. 60 at you're coast. look at the 70s from chico, sacramento, fresno. 75 in los angeles. back home temperatures around 70. for morgan hill and gill roy today. 69 in santa clara on the peninsula. numbers cooler at
would like to see it. live for abc7 news, i am amy hollyfield. >> now, officials in san francisco could approve a massive settlement for the widow of a well-known bay area journalist who was killed in an accident. the former oakland tribune reporter was hit by a train at 2nd and king street in 2009 and died in the hospital two weeks later. a lawsuit claims he was in a crosswalk when he was hit. today the agency board of directors is expected to discuss whether to approve a $900,000 payout to his widow. >> developing news in san jose where police are on the scene of a fatal shooting involving a man in a stolen car. police say the man sped away from officers in unmarked police cars and the chase ended in unincorporated east san jose when the man put the car in reverse and sped toward an officer standing outside his car. they say the officer fired a slot and hit the suspect in the head. abc7 news reporter has an update in 30 minutes. >> we are learning new details of a child care center that was suddenly shut down by state regulators last friday. it involved the universal preschool formall
at the bay bridge and sluggish on the upper deck into san francisco. >> the two major political parties are losing their grip on california voters. those who call themselves democrats and republicans are finding less company. new numbers from the secretary of state show that democrats now make up over 43 percent of california voters down 1 percent from 2011 with the decline bigger if republicans, just 28 percent of californians call themselves "republicans," down from 30 percent two years ago. 20 percent of california voters are registered to vote with any party preference, or they say they have no preference and that is the same number from 2011. >> speculation building inside the nfl and one player may be about did do something no player has ever done before. >> and a c.e.o. takes to twitter to make an announcement, the instant impact the announce president had on >> santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> at 6:15, happening right now we are waiting for the start of the proposition 8 hearing at the supreme court in washington, dc. here is a lo
see the headlight s south into san francisco. it is foggy with a lot of bay areas along the shoreline. temperatures by the afternoon hours are above average and warmer than yesterday by three degrees in concord and fremont and san francisco and santa rosa . oakland is five degrees warmer-than-average. we start off with fog but we hit the mid-to-upper 60's by noon away from the coast and near 60 at the coast for the afternoon and low-to-mid 70's dominating bay and inland neighborhoods with hazy sunshine. kristen and eric? >> 6:14. here is a twist on taking your work home with you. new video this morning from new york shows a house on fire after a truck crashed into it. this house belongs to a firefighter. they were home at the time so, naturally, he went right-to-work to put it out. fellow firefighters responded and knocked it down and the driver of the truck faces d.w.i. charges. >> more americans are keeping guns in their homes for protection rather than hunting. a just-released poll fines that 48 percent of gun owners keep weapons for protection. 32 percent own a firearm for hunting
america, of course. >> leaders in san francisco believe a new pope will be selected by thursday. stay with abc7 news for the latest news on the papal conclave at 6:35 we go to rome for a live report on the events. >> developing news from the north bay, firefighters found much more than flames when they responded to a late-night house fire. abc7 news reporter, sue thompson, joins us to explain what they found. >> kristen, the investigators will work on all of this when daylight arrives. for now a few firefighters are here but they are waiting for the relief shift. this happened at this home here in novato last night. crews were called to the home. what they found inside, it is what they found inside that is raising so many questions this morning. this happened at around 11:30 when a neighbor called to report smoke coming from the home. crews arrived and discovered an extensive marijuana growing operation inside. the home was abandon asked firefighters say they do know that the fire started in the basement but are not sure how much damage was caused to the home but they saw not a lot of
't this beautiful from our roof camera. numbers this morning are mild with a few clouds around. 53 in san francisco with 50 in oakland, 51 in san jose. good morning half moon bay. 46 for you and 51 in santa cruz. so we had 70s and 80s yesterday. it will still be mild around san benito county and south bay but with the cloud cover we will be cooler especially in sports near or coast. and with the wind shift we are really going to cool down dramatically as we begin the work week. 48 in livermore. it's 50 in fremont. 46 santa rosa. and up towards petaluma where the little kids are getting ready to play, in the low 40s. should be a nice afternoon with the 60s on the way for the late afternoon. so here's a look at your forecast. fair and mild this morning. so we have the cloud cover out there. that's what is keeping the temperatures up. we will call it mostly cloudy today and chance of light showers headed our way through the overnight hours and in particular on sunday. so very mild this morning. much milder than yesterday. we had the fog in spots and temperatures have been cool all week long. but right
sausalito covered in clouds and san francisco, there, in the clouds we cannot see the bay bridge, so even if the lights are not going on, no chance of seeing them. from the east bay, the fog has filled in the by as we look east. some of it has spilled into the south bay and we are look at 87 near h.p. pavilion with the fog in the distance, also. we will talk about what will happen today. we are going to have mostly sunny conditions in our warm of the afternoon in this forecast cycle. tomorrow, the clouds come back and the cooling begins with evening sprinkles for the evening festivities tomorrow and the best chance for wet weather is tuesday, wednesday, and thursday and it will be coldest those days. here is a way it looks with the fog this morning but even with the fog it is coming in because warm moist air is coming in and when the sun breaks through that will translate from three to eight degrees of warmth. so we will be in the mid-to-upper 70's throughout most of the south bay with san jose and santa clara at 74 and 75 at santa cruz and the plane is low 70's and millbrae is at 66 with
-air emergency had rescue crews scrambling at san francisco international airport yesterday. sky 7hd shows united flight 378 after it made a safe landing, but had to be towed to the arrival gate. the pilot reported a problem with the hydraulic system after the plane took off from vancouver. although the landing went smoothly, sfo crews were well prepared. >> it was a declared emergency so we did have all the emergency equipment out on the air field to meet the craft. >> the plane had 107 passengers and ten crewmembers aboard. the flight was about an hour late on arrival but that was due to a late departure from vancouver. >>> the unmanned space x dragon spacecraft has just arrived at the international space station to dock, delivering a ton of supplies, including experiments designed by some south bay high school students. the privately-owned rocket arrived a day later than planned. that is great news for students at fremont christian school who spent five months designing experiments to see how microgravity affects plant growth. the spacecraft almost didn't make it there at all. shortly after li
and lesbians the right to marriage. the report begins tomorrow. >> san francisco kids are not the only ones on spring agree, muni is taking a vacation scaling backs service to match reduced demand and save money. the agency says they reduced services during christmas and new years, a time when ridership drops and it worked. they are trying it again. they expect to save about $45,000 mainly from reduced overtime and maintenance. >> tomorrow, late night bart rides will face delays because of work if the tube to make it safer in case of earthquake. you can expect delays every tuesday, wednesday, and thursday for the next 14 mes. one of the tubes will be closed during work hours. >> ahead, a string of attempted burglaries in a peninsula neighborhood. the familiar tactics the sheriff deputies say the criminals using. >> google glasses not on sale but a state wants to restrict when gadget lovers can use them. >> live look at walnut creek with 680 traffic >> starting out with cloudy conditions, and live doppler 7 hd could see a little bit of action by the end of the work week but this only we are
total and union city has .1 itch and same if concord and san francisco. in petaluma down to novato, this area is getting rain and here it is, it has arrived. headed to the peninsula you can see coming off skyline boulevard the air descends to the peninsula it is dry. just a few sprinkles and headed to woodside and the south bay is quiet. the east bay valley is quiet, too. temperatures are in the mid-50's to low 60's but mid-50's at the coat. we have our best chance of rain now through about 2:00. sue? >> back to santa rosa we have an accident, five vehicles involved, right beyond hopper, southbound, 101, all the green indicates wet roadways and we have misleading sensor data on the roads because we have a serious backup, the accident is being cleared off to the hopper avenue off-ramp with a second accident in the backup that now is being cleared to the shoulder and slow traffic southbound through santa rosa and we also have a good alternate, fulton road or old redwood city highway southbound. metering lights just been turn on, on the bay bridge, and sluggish on the upper deck into
sky in san francisco the numbers have dropped. we are talking about 30s in the north bay. santa rosa 37. napa 39. fairfield 39 for you and 31 in livermore. union city and gilroy mild in the mid-40s. from emeryville, looks a little hazyath%tfor the weekend. it will be milder today. the weather will last through much. the work week. not spring, quite yet that's march 20th but we spring forward tonight losing the hour of sleep.athtwe were yesterday. 67 in san jose today. the skies cleared and the strong winds are offshore, but already they have filtered in that cooler air yesterday. as a result, 7 degrees colder, 4 degrees colder in livermore. so high pressure sits offshore but that's changing. it's building in. we will look for the dry and warmer weekend ahead. and with that looks like that high is going to stick around for a while. waking up to the 20s in the northern sierra and mid-30s. look at the 70s from chico to sacramento and the rain and clouds moving out of southern california. back home
at the bay shore and the coast and san francisco is 47. this afternoon we have an increase in showers from noon through the evening hours and the morning commute is okay and the evening commute is not is much. be careful out there. >> trading is underway in wall street in 15 minutes and the dow is opening at a new record. some speculate the dow could reach the 20,000 mark in the not so distant future after closing at 42 points to 14,296. a finance professor with wharton school of business in pennsylvania tells the "los angeles times" he with not be surprised if the dow ended the year between 15,000 and 17,000 mannering. he says, hitting the 20,000 mark in this decade is not out of the question. analysts say corporations are bringing in bigger profits driving growth for the dow. >> new this morning, the nation's most restrictive abortion law will now go in effect, the arkansas law bans most abortions after 12 weeks of pregnancy. arkansas' democratic governor vetoed the law this week saying it contradicts the united states constitution but the arkansas republican house of representatives ove
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